About us

We deliver legal and tax advice tailored to your
specific needs.

We make the diference.

Nicolás Ulloa, Adriana Zaidan and our team of lawyers and consultants, specialists in the tax area, we put our knowledge, experience and creativity to give the best solution that each client needs.

We like the businesses, we know them and we deliver an advising that adjusts to the particularity of each of them, with focus on family businesses and large and medium companies.

We have all the time to solve the problems and doubts of each client. Time does not count, we only care to deliver a service of excellence, that makes the difference.

We provide a complete tax advice, we present a solution, we develop it and implement it, which allows us to follow the day to day and be sure that the solution is the best for the client.

We are a team of lawyers and accountants, specialized tax law, and apply our expertise, experience and creativity so as to deliver the best solution required by each client. We feel comfortable in the business environment and provide advice which is relevant to each particular case. We specialize in family business as well as medium and large sized companies.
We dedicate the necessary amount of time to address and solve the challenges and issues of each client. Time does not matter: our main focus and concern is to deliver an excellent service, which will make the difference.

We deliver a fully-fledged service: we present a solution, develop this solution and implement it, and this allows us to follow up on our proposal and verify that the proposed plan is the best alternative for the client.