Business Areas

We analyze and design the strategies that best suit our client´s businesses, that will allow them to maximize legal, administrative and tax efficiency, within the legal framework.

Domestic Tax
Consulting and
We permanently advise companies of various sizes and family groups, both on the structuring of their companies and their tax planning.
International Taxation
Our deep understanding of the legal and tax systems of different countries allows us to provide advice to our clients on structuring their overseas investments. We also provide counseling to foreign clients who are planning to invest in Chile.
Taxpayer Defense
and Tax Litigation
We have vast experience advising on auditing processes. We work in the administrative and judicial defense of tax matters at Chilean institutions, to achieve the best possible solution for our client.
Specialized Tax
We verify that all the strategies and suggested solutions are implemented correctly from an accounting and tax compliance perspective and also we provide tax compliance services to clients with foreign investments.
Family Corporate Governance
We advise on the management and structure of family offices and their companies, helping them to prepare their business for future generations.

"Nicolás Ulloa and Adriana Zaidan have extensive
extensive knowledge of tax matters, with an
excellent ability to generate new ideas and
an impressive recollection of each case".